Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes Can Help With:

  • Learn essential topics to navigating labour, birth and the first few weeks
  • Learn coping techniques and comfort measures

Benefits of Prenatal Classes

Baby Basics offers small group classes covering topics essential to navigating labour, birth and the first weeks with baby. The only prenatal class of its kind in Niagara, Baby Basics prenatal classes offer information from the perspective of a former obstetrical care provider experienced in caring for women through pregnancy, during labour and birth and continuing care for the woman and baby in the weeks after birth. Two and three week group classes provide information streamlined to cover the most important aspects of labour and birth. Topics of discussion include stages of labour, common interventions, methods of delivery and birthplace options, coping techniques and comfort measures for labour, pain relief options, what happens in the delivery room after baby is born, typical post-birth recovery for the woman, basic and not-so-basic baby care and introduction to breastfeeding.

Why Choose Prenatal Classes at NHRC

Prenatal Classes at Niagara Health & Rehab Centre are offered by Jennifer Mooradian, former midwife and owner of Baby Basics Prenatal Classes. Information is evidence based, supplemented with clinical experience. Care options are explored where possible allowing couples to consider what best works for them.

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