Naturopath St. Catharines

Naturopathic Medicine Can Help With A Wide Variety of Ailments Such As:

  • Digestive Health/GI Concerns [IBD, IBS, Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis, Reflux, Bloating, Gas]
  • Cognitive Concerns [Dementia/Cognitive decline]
  • Hormonal Concerns [Men/Women’s Health, Thyroid Disorders]
  • Mental Health [Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Insomnia]
  • Autoimmune Disorders [Weakened Immune System Issues]
  • Heart Health [Hypertension, High Cholesterol]
  • Stress and Weight Management (excess weight loss, weight gain, or reaching an ideal weight goal)

Associated Symptoms:

  • Tired/Fatigued, Irritable, Brain Fog
  • Temperature changes [feeling hot/cold]
  • Brittle hair/nails
  • Changes in skin colour
  • Reflux, bloating/gas, constipation, diarrhea

What Is A Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a registered healthcare professional that focuses on the root cause of pre-existing symptoms/conditions and providing individualized treatment methods.

What Is The Difference Between Acupuncture With An ND vs Other Practitioners?

Naturopath’s offer both constitutional and contemporary acupuncture. Constitutional acupuncture in St Catharines involves a full health history and uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to diagnose and treat various conditions such as:

  • Convalescence [Exhaustion]
  • Irritability/Anxiety/Stress
  • Amenorrhea/Dysmenorrhea/Menstrual Concerns [Painful or absent periods]
  • Men’s Health Concerns [Impotence, Premature Ejaculation]
  • Urinary Concerns [troubles voiding, urinary dribble, incontinence, pelvic pain]
  • Intense emotional states/difficulty processing emotions [anger, worry, fear, guilt]
  • Neuropathies [i.e. chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathies]

Contemporary [Dry Needling] acupuncture which is also offered by other healthcare practitioners is used to treat various types of pain and may or may not involve electro stimulation as well.

Why Are ND Visits More Expensive Than An Initial Acupuncture/Cupping Visit:

Initial ND visits and the corresponding follow-ups are a full comprehensive visit [may include treatment such as cupping and or acupuncture]. An initial visit includes a full health history as well as a detailed treatment plan following each visit.

Naturopathic Treatments Include:

  • Botanical medicine [Herbal prescriptions including supplements, teas, topicals, etc.]
  • Healthy lifestyle counselling
  • Lab Diagnostics [Requisitions of Labs as well as diagnostics/interpretation and follow-up]
  • Specialty Testing [DUTCH [Hormones], SIBO, Food Sensitivity]
  • Clinical Nutrition [supplements, specific dietary recommendations/guidelines]
  • Acupuncture [a treatment protocol of 5 weekly acupuncture follow-ups may be recommended]

Acupuncture/Cupping Initial visits are for those requesting only Acupuncture and/or Cupping. This is generally for pain and specific cases with one general health concern – for example [heavy, painful periods] These may also be booked for on-going treatment plans after an ND initial assessment. A detailed treatment plan is NOT provided following an acupuncture/cupping visit. Only physical therapies and lifestyle education are provided during this visit.

Why Choose NHRC’s Naturopathic Doctor In St Catharines?

We are a full service naturopathic clinic located at the heart of downtown St.Catharines, Ontario with easy access to all major highways and public transit routes. We offer an extensive range of services in the Niagara region including but not limited to:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Nutrition therapy and much more!

Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality health care that will help you achieve your goals for optimal wellness.

Areas We Serve:

Our patients come from all across Niagara including:

Western Hill
Port Dalhousie

Insurance Covered physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapy. Extended Health Coverage Direct Billing Available.

Clinic Hours:

Monday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Tuesday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Wednesday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Thursday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Friday 8a.m.–6:30p.m.
Saturday 8a.m.–2p.m.
Sunday Closed