Personal Training St. Catharines

What Is A Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is someone who has been trained by experts to help others achieve their health goals through exercise programs. They may also provide nutritional advice or teach other skills such as yoga or tai chi. In addition to helping clients reach specific physical goals, they often encourage them to adopt healthy habits into their daily lives.

For example, some of these include eating healthier foods, getting enough sleep each night, taking time out from stressful situations at home and work, and being active throughout the day.

Is A Personal Trainer Worth It For Weight Loss?

The answer is yes. Personal training can be an effective way to lose weight and keep the pounds off, but only if you are committed to making changes in your lifestyle that will last long after your sessions with your personal trainer have ended. The key to success lies in understanding what motivates people to make positive life-style choices. If you want to know more about how personal trainers work, read on!

Personal Training Can Help With:

  • Increasing Strength and Conditioning
  • Improving Balance and Coordination
  • Improving Body Composition
  • Athletic Development
  • Establishing Foundational Movement Patterns
  • Increasing Functional Movement
  • Improving Endurance, Overall Health, and Fitness Levels
  • Motivation
  • Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

Benefits Of Functional Full-Body Workout

Looking to reach your goals as quickly as possible? Then one on one functional training may be the best option for you! With personalized exercise plan geared towards your goals, you can reach new limits in your fitness journey. Through the use of various premium equipment and body weight exercises, you will have the opportunity to learn your true potential.

Do Personal Trainers Really Work?

The answer is yes. Personal training can be a great way to get fit and stay healthy, but it’s important that you choose the right person for your needs. A good trainer will help you achieve your goals in an effective manner. They’ll also provide motivation and encouragement as well as guidance on how best to reach them.

Why Choose A Personal Trainer Over Other Fitness Programs?

There are many reasons why choosing a personal trainer over another type of physiotherapy services in St Catharines might be better suited to meet your needs:

  • You’ll get personalized attention – Your personal trainer will tailor his/her services specifically to your individual needs. This means he/she won’t just give generic information about dieting and exercising; instead, s/he will focus on providing guidance that varies from person to person.
  • Your personal trainer is more likely to stick with you through the process – If you have an established relationship with him/her, it’s much easier for you to stay motivated because you know that your efforts are paying off in terms of results. You will also feel less pressured if you don’t see any progress after some engaging classes.
  • A personal physical fitness training session provides you with effective workouts that can help you achieve desired personal goals faster than other programs – A good personal trainer knows how to motivate people so that they work harder at achieving their fitness goals. He or she may even suggest ways to make exercise fun!

If you want to lose weight but aren’t sure where to start, consider joining one of our fitness classes. These small-group workouts offer great support as well as accountability. You’ll find out what works best for you by trying different styles until you discover which ones suit your lifestyle.

Personal Training Sessions at NHRC

30 Minutes
$35+tax per session

One Hour
1-11 sessions: $60+tax per session
12-23 sessions: $55+tax per session
24-47 sessions: $52+tax per session
48+ sessions: $48+tax per session

Areas We Serve:

Our patients come from all across Niagara including:

Western Hill
Port Dalhousie

Insurance Covered physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapy. Extended Health Coverage Direct Billing Available.

Clinic Hours:

Monday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Tuesday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Wednesday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Thursday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Friday 8a.m.–6:30p.m.
Saturday 8a.m.–2p.m.
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