Prenatal Classes St. Catharines

What Are Prenatal Classes?

A prenatal class is a group of women who meet together to learn about pregnancy and childbirth. The classes help prepare you for the birth of your baby, as well as provide information on how to care for yourself during this time. You will also be able to ask questions that may not have been answered in other ways.

The classes can take place at any location convenient to you. They usually last from one hour up to two hours depending upon what topics are covered.

Who Should Attend These Classes?

You do NOT need to attend all four sessions if you only plan to deliver vaginally or by C-section. However, it’s important to know more than just basic anatomy so that you feel comfortable with both types of delivery. If you’re planning an elective caesarean section, then attending all 4 sessions would give you the best preparation possible.

We Offer Prenatal Classes That Has A Wide Range of Health Benefits Including:

  • Healthy lifestyle and well-being for mother, baby and family.
  • Increased knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Better understanding of how to care for a newborn child.
  • Greater confidence in caring for your own children.
  • More positive attitudes towards parenting.
  • An increased sense of personal control over one’s life.
  • The opportunity to share experiences with other women who are pregnant or have recently given birth.
  • Support from others during this time of change.
  • Information on what is happening inside you as you grow into womanhood.
  • Emotional support when needed.
  • Relaxation techniques that can be used throughout pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Stress reduction strategies.
  • Understanding of normal changes associated with being pregnant.
  • Knowledge of healthy eating habits.
  • Awareness of common problems such as morning sickness, backache, heartburn, constipation, etc.
  • Recognition of warning signs which may indicate complications.
  • Preparation for labour and delivery.
  • Education regarding breastfeeding and nutritious snacks for your diet.
  • Assistance with infant feeding issues.
  • Advice on dealing with postpartum depression.
  • Guidance on coping with stress.
  • Self-care skills including
  • Muscle strength exercises to improve your muscular strength.
  • How to deal with difficult situations.
  • Learning ways to cope with everyday stresses.
  • Techniques for managing anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Strategies for handling anger effectively. 

What Makes Our Prenatal Classes Different??

Baby Basics offers small group classes covering topics essential to navigating labour, birth and the first weeks with a baby. The only prenatal class of its kind in Niagara, Baby Basics prenatal classes offer information from the perspective of a former obstetrical care provider experienced in caring for women through pregnancy, during labour and birth and continuing care for the woman and baby in the weeks after birth. Two and three week group classes provide information streamlined to cover the most important aspects of labour and birth. Topics of discussion include stages of labour, common interventions, methods of delivery and birthplace options, coping techniques and comfort measures for labour, pain relief options, what happens in the delivery room after baby is born, typical post-birth recovery for the woman, basic and not-so-basic baby care and introduction to breastfeeding.

What Other Prenatal Programs Do We Offer?

Prenatal yoga program, fun exercise program / fitness activities, in-person classes, mental health classes, healthy nutrition programs, etc.

Why Choose NHRC for Prenatal Classes in St Catharines

Prenatal Classes at Niagara Health & Rehab Centre are offered by Jennifer Mooradian, former midwife and owner of Baby Basics Prenatal Classes. Information is evidence based, supplemented with clinical experience. Care options are explored where possible allowing couples to consider what best works for them.
We also provide Physiotherapy, Massage, and Chiropractic therapy in St. Catharines.

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