Semi-Private Training St. Catharines

What is Semi Private Training?

Semi Private means that you will be working with a trainer who has been trained to work in the field of your choice. The trainers are certified and have experience in their chosen fields, so they can help guide you through any challenges or questions you may face during your time at the centre. They also provide support throughout your stay by offering guidance on how best to manage your recovery. This type of service allows for more one-on-one attention from our staff as well as other clients. It’s an excellent way to get started if you want to learn about a new sport or activity while still getting all the benefits of group exercise classes.

All these great reasons make it easy to see why we love what we do here at NHCRC!

Semi-Private Training Can Help With:

  • Improve strength, overall health and wellness
  • Improve cardio
  • Improve skill set
  • Regular professional programming
  • Exercise supervision
  • 60% cheaper than traditional one-on-one training
  • Limited number of people per time slot
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce stress
  • Strengthen muscles, burn calories, tone up, lose fat, and gain muscle mass
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Relieve pain
  • Prevent injuries
  • Boost self confidence
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Develop friendships
  • Create fun memories, and much more!

Benefits of Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private training format has taken the old school one-on-one model and turned it up a notch. Our goal is to provide you with more training, better results and be able to offer this at a better price.

Why Choose NHRC for Semi Private Personal Training in St Catharines

Our specialized semi private training program is for those who are looking to improve their fitness and overall health. The class will be held at the Niagara Health & Rehab Centre in St Catharines, Ontario on Tuesdays from 6pm – 730 pm.

This is an 8 week course that includes cardio exercises such as running/walking, cycling, elliptical machines, rowing machine, etc strength training with free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, weight plates, stability ball, TRX suspension trainer, yoga mats, balance boards, foam rollers, stretching, core work, mobility drills, etc.

There will also be some fun activities like Zumba classes, dance lessons, water aerobics, aquafit, boot camp style workouts, etc. All of these programs can be done individually or together depending upon your preference. Please note this is not a gym membership but rather a group exercise class where you pay per session.

If you have any questions please contact me via email at or by phone at (289) 362-3600. I look forward to meeting you!

Semi-Private Training St. Catharines at NHRC

We have semi-private training sessions multiple times per week.
1 day per week – $150+tax monthly
2 days per week – $200+tax monthly
3 days per week – $275+tax monthly

Areas We Serve:

Our patients come from all across Niagara including:

Western Hill
Port Dalhousie

Insurance Covered physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapy. Extended Health Coverage Direct Billing Available.

Niagara Health & Rehab Centre

Clinic Hours:

Monday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Tuesday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Wednesday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Thursday 8a.m.–7p.m.
Friday 8a.m.–6:30p.m.
Saturday 8a.m.–2p.m.
Sunday Closed